Art Direction


The ability to combine high-definition 3D cinema with live action theater is a dream cometrue. Terracotta Warriors 3D lets a two thousand year old story come to life using a backdrop of
unprecedented 3D digital matte paintings and 3D animation --- truly the first in the history of stage entertainment. This turned out to be an exceptionally challenging task
because I had to push the creative envelope at almost every level. After all, this was totally
unchartered territory for theatrical arts. I believe the efforts were worthwhile because the audience can now be more immersed into the midst of the action like never before.

                                                                               Dennis K. Law, MD, Art Director


                        Tu Juhua, Set Designer


This conversion of the original edition of Terracotta Warriors to its new 3D edition makes use of the original set design conceptual paintings by Chinese set designer, Tu Juhua, well-known for his extensive repertoire in the recent history of Chinese cinema. Most notable in his designs for motion picture is the construction of the world famous architectural movie set representing the Qin Dynasty for the renowned film, The Emperor and the Assassin, winning the Art Direction prize in 1999 at the Cannes Film Festival. This should make Mr. Tu truly the ranking authority in the understanding