Makeup Design


For the purposes of combining a story of antiquity with futuristic art direction, Mr. Jia Lei, one of the youngest and most recognized makeup designers of his generation, provides totally new designs for this 3D edition. He has artistic lice


                   Jia Lei, Makeup Designer


Born in 1983, Mr. Jia has become one of China’s most sought-after and most decorated theatrical makeup designers. He has served in the capacity of Makeup Art Director for over thirty dance dramas, ten musicals, six acrobatic circuses and nine large-scale tourist galas. In addition to this large body of work, Jia Lei has won numerous accolades, including “China’s Top Ten Makeup Art Directors” in 2003 and “Asia’s Top 100 Makeup Designers” in 2004. In 2008, he was the Makeup Art Director for both the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Paralympic Games. In 2010, he was in charge of all makeup art direction for the opening ceremonies of the Guangzhou Asian Games and was
designer-in-charge for the Shanghai World Expo show segment, “The Attraction of Beijing”. For Sight, Sound & Action, Jia Lei created spectacular makeup and body painting designs for the show, Senses – Las Vegas in 2012.