Choreography & Stage Direction


A show that tells a story of history using modern revolutionary technologies as a basis for its unprecedented art direction demands choreography and stage action that is fresh and innovative. Terracotta Warriors 3D’s choreographer, Jonathon Feng Han, leads histeam to create a show in which all dance movements transcend boundaries of various traditional dance styles while including many elements of Chinese martial arts. We hope that the mixture of enhanced martial qualities of male dancers juxtaposed with the more poetic and uniquely sensual qualities of Chinese female dancers will provide a fresh visual perspective.


  Jonathon Feng Han, Principal Choreographer


Jonathon Feng Han is a National Class I dancer in China and started his work in choreography with the Action-Musical, Tang Concubines, produced by Sight, Sound & Action in 2006. His first outing as a choreographer won him and Tang Concubines the prestigious Toronto Dora Award for Best Choreography. With his second choreography effort for Sight, Sound & Action’s Monkey King, Jonathon and the show won a second Dora Award for Best Choreography in 2010. In 2011, he choreographed a piece for the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe and won the prestigious Golden Chrysanthemum Award. Jonathon owes his rapid rise in the world of choreography to his remarkable record of having performed as principal dancer in hundreds of dance dramas while touring with
Sight, Sound & Action in North America. Very few national class dancers in China have ever had such extensive experience on the international stage.