The music score for Terracotta Warriors 3D is based on the original orchestral score composed by noted Chinese composer, Hao Weiya, in Beijing. Laced by accent passages of Qinqiang, the
oldest form of Chinese opera created in the Yellow River Valley of Shaanxi at the time of Emperor Qinshihuang and often referred to as the “First Emperor’s Opera”, the music provides a memorable impact for the audience as they are brought back artistically to the
second century BC. Even though composer Hao often used unusual coloration of Chinese musical instruments, both old and new, he was able to create a sweeping large-scale symphonic score that can be appealing to all. Yet for this historical subject to be brought to life with futuristic art direction, supplemental new music, percussion, and surround sound effects have to be added to be truly appreciated by modern audiences.

Jin Tao, Music Supervisor, Sight, Sound & Action




Jin Tao --- Digital Effects Supervisor, Sound Designer, New Music Composer


Mr. Jin Tao has been associated with the North American production company Sight, Sound & Action for over ten years, serving as its sound designer and percussionist. In more recent times, his expertise have shifted towards both creating modern music and sound designs as well as new digital effects as they apply to 3D applications in a theatrical setting. Having had extensive experience touring as a performing artist in North America for a decade, Jin Tao’s expertise is invaluable for creating artistic elements that suit the taste of international audiences.