New Techological Advances


Terracotta Warriors 3D is most grateful for these companies and their talented artists for their expertise and hard work in mastering the new digital technologies necessary to produce this show. Their combined efforts allow the production to truly push the horizons of modern musical theater in a manner never achieved before.

                                                                                         Jin Tao, 3D & Digital                                                                                                     Effects Supervisor,



World’s first 3D LED theatrical video wall by: Central China Display Laboratories, Ltd.

Visual & Sound Effects by: Beijing Sky Fire Culture & Communication Co.Ltd
Music Recording and Sound Effects Design by: Duan Xiaozhou
Visual Effects & Film Editor and Special Effects Supervisor: Wei Yong

3D Production & Animation by: Soaring Dragon Culture & Communication Co. Ltd
Project Supervisor: Wang Zhen
Visual and Sound Effects Director: Zhang Chao, Zhang Chunmiao