World’s First 3D Show


The increasing popularity of 3D cinema is undeniable. The increasing proportion of movies made in the 3D format can be attributed to the audience’s preference for storytelling that is visually grand and impressive. Despite a small number of detractors, the momentum of 3D moviemaking surges forward relentlessly for one and only reason - true high definition 3D thrusts the audience right into the space of the action on screen. Therefore, the audience feels an immersive involvement it has never experienced before. It is no longer outside looking in.

For the first time in world history, Terracotta Warriors 3D provides the same intensity and involvement for the audience attending a theatrical stage production. By combining live stage action with 3D scenic design and animation, the show allows the location where the story takes place to recess deeply into backspace or at times protrude and invade the audience’s space. This gives the audience a thrill that is unprecedented. However, creating this entertainment history would not have been possible without Law Brothers Chinese Performing Arts International first purchase and use of a newly patented high-definition LED video wall capable of delivering high-resolution 3D images consistently. This proprietary video screen uniquely allows the audience to enjoy this spectacular and dimensional art direction and staging environment by wearing only passive 3D glasses commonly used in cinemas everywhere.

My production company and I are humbled by the opportunity to bring to you an artistic creation that is truly the very first in the world. Where we fail to meet your expectations, we plead for your understanding because we are merely courageous enough to test the waters like no one has ever done before. Where we are successful in entertaining you, we are truly grateful for the opportunity to share with you the excitement of creating something that was never before possible. I sincerely hope that Terracotta Warriors 3D uniquely brings to life for you one of the world’s most legendary figures of history. By doing so, it becomes our fateful destiny to utilize the true history of the world’s first and only entombed terracotta army (certainly one of the most important ancient wonders of the world) and transform it into the first 3D show in world history!

For the members of the audience that are Chinese nationals, take pride that this history-making show is happening in your capital city of Beijing. For those that are visitors to China, we hope that your experience with Terracotta Warriors 3D would make your trip to China even more memorable.