Prologue –-- Discovery of Terracotta Warriors
Scene   1 ---- The Final Victory
Scene   2 ---- Coronation of the Emperor
Scene   3 ---- Selection of the Favorite Concubine
                    Muse’s song: “Life’s an unpredictable journey”
Scene   4 ---- Celebration of the Unification
Scene   5 ---- Conspiracy Revealed
Scene   6 ---- Queen Mother’s Sexual Escapade
Scene   7 ---- Five-Horse Execution
Scene   8 ---- Fear of Confucius
                    Muse’s song: “ Emperor of all time, a cruel legacy you’ll leave behind”
Scene   9 ---- Romantic Rendezvous
                    Muse’s song: “ I have strength to fly”
Scene 10 ---- Confiscation of Weapons
Scene 11 ---- Celebration of the Realm
Scene 12 ---- Assassinations
Scene 13 ---- Search for Immortality
                    Muses’s song: “Immortality, a maddening dream”
Scene 14 ---- First Cultural Revolution
Scene 15 ---- Impossible Love at the Great Wall
                    Muses’s song: “True love for a moment is better than none at all”
Scene 16 ---- Pleading for Mercy
                    Muse’s song: “ Life is but a fragile flower”
Scene 17 ---- Widespread Uprisings
Scene 18 ---- Concubine’s Ultimate Sacrifice
Scene 19 ---- Death of the Emperor
                    Muse’s song: “For all wealth and glory, what’s left are shadow warriors”
Scene 20 ---- Funeral Requiem & March of Terracotta Warriors


1、Prologue --- discovery of the tomb of terracotta warriors.
2、The Final Victory --- Qin army conquers the Qi state, its last opponent, to unite     the country.
3、The Coronation --- Qin Shi Huang is at last crowned as the First Emperor of the     unified China.

  Muse’s song: “Life’s an unpredictable journey”
4、Selection of the Favorite Concubine --- Emperor Qin selects Meng Ying as his       most favorite concubine.
5、Celebration of Unification --- celebration of China’s unification of its currency,       weights and measure, language and laws.
6、Conspiracy Revealed --- Eunuch Zhao Gao, Emperor’s childhood best friend         castrated to serve the court, reveals that the Queen Mother is having an illicit     sexual relationship with his Minister Lu.
7、Queen Mother’s Sexual Escapade --- Minister Lu seduces the Queen Mother and     is arrested by Qin soldiers.
8、Five-Horse Execution --- for the capital crime against the State, Minister Lu is       executed in a manner common for that period of history.

    Muse’s song: “May be Emperor of all time, but a cruel legacy you’ll leave         behind”
9、Fear of Confucius --- Emperor’s long fear of Confucian teachings is revealed as a     nightmare encounter with the famed philosopher.

  Muse’s song: “ I have strength to fly”
10、Romantic Rendezvous --- Zhao Gao secretly leads Meng Ying back to her         village to visit her real lover, Yang Ming.
11、Confiscation of Weapons --- Emperor fears rebellion and orders that all           weapons in China be confiscated.
12、Celebration of the Realm --- Power of the Emperor’s rule is celebrated while all     metals harvested from seized weapons are converted to giant gold statues in     tribute to the realm.
13、Assassinations --- Emperor Qin becomes increasingly oppressive, provoking       many assassination attempts.
14、Search for Immortality --- The Emperor often frets about his mortal life and       seeks counsel from priestesses looking for the elixir of immortality.
15、World’s First Cultural Revolution --- Continuing fear over Confucian teachings       leads the Emperor to burn books and scholars.

  Muses’s song: “True love for a moment is better than none at all”
16、Impossible Love --- Concubine Meng Ying visits Yang Ming who is now a laborer     at a Great Wall construction site. True love can never be as Qin soldiers         separate the lovers and imprison Yang Ming.

  Muses’s song: “ Life is but a fragile flower”
17、Pleading for Mercy --- Meng Ying begs for her lover’s life with Emperor Qin.
18、Widespread Uprisings --- Rebellion against the Emperor’s rule arises             everywhere.
19、Concubine’s Ultimate Sacrifice --- Confronted with Yang Ming’s body, Meng         Ying’s grief overwhelms her as she makes the ultimate sacrifice of her life.

  Muse’s song: “For all wealth and glory, what’s left are shadow warriors”
22、Death of the Emperor --- During an inspection tour of the country, the Emperor     kills a whale on an ocean trip. Soon after, he unexpectedly dies from a sudden     illness. Zhao Gao, the eunuch, is finally liberated from the Emperor’s bondage;     immediately shaking off his feminine traits, Zhao Gao is transformed             spiritually into a man once again.
21、Funeral Requiem --- the grand ceremony includes the live burial of the            Emperor’s concubines.
22、March of the Terracotta Warriors --- an epilogue depicting the underworld         where the ghostly terracotta warriors of the Emperor witness the continuing      love triangle between the Emperor and his favorite concubine and her real life      lover. In death, the true lovers win while the ghostly warriors devour the          Emperor.