Director's Notes


Using an unprecedented 3D LED video wall as the basis of its art direction, Terracotta Warriors 3D becomes the world’s most unique musical theater production. The world’s first true 3D show puts the audience in an impressive 3D environment in order to enjoy a moving story of transformational love and sacrifice involving the legendary First Emperor of China, 200 BC.

This show makes entertainment history by combining two factors in a manner never achieved before: the realness, spontaneity and risks of real live-action on stage together with the thrill and visual impact of high-definition 3D grand cinema. Traditional theater has always depended on complicated “fly-systems” with hanging and painted backdrops and more recently on projected digital images. Terracotta Warriors 3D’s first use of this new and patented 3D LED video wall technology allows the audience to be fully engaged by being part of a three dimensional set where not only does the background truly recess back into space but at times certain stage elements would invade forwards into the audience’s personal space. This kind of spatial participation with the story and its characters is heretofore unknown in conventional theater.

It is rare indeed for anyone or any entity to have the opportunity to create something that is truly the first in humankind. Terracotta Warriors 3D is such a production because it is the very first time in entertainment history that a true high-definition 3D video wall is used as a backdrop for a live-action theatrical dance drama. The fact that the most famous Chinese story involving one of the “Ancient Wonders of the World” is combined with uniquely spectacular high-tech art direction will certainly make for a compelling theater-going experience.

This Action-Musical is not merely a high-tech theatrical production; it is also a meaningful and engaging story of love and power and transformation. Although the story of China’s First Emperor is an important part of its history of thousands of years, Terracotta Warriors 3D tells this tale of Emperor Qin Shi Huang differently by letting the audience see this most influential monarch through the eyes of his loyal eunuch, Zhao Gao. Castrated by the Emperor who was his childhood best friend, Zhao Gao nevertheless served his master faithfully albeit in a conflicted manner; he eye-witnessed the Qin Emperor’s powers and weaknesses, his loves and his fears, his cruelty and his human frailties. Finally, it was the Emperor’s sudden and unexpected death that allows Zhao Gao to be freed from his emotional conflict and spiritual bondage and be transformed into a new man.

Welcome to Terracotta Warriors 3D. I hope this would become for you a thrilling and satisfying journey through musical theater of unprecedented proportions!

                                                                     Dennis K. Law MD                                                                                                         Director & Producer